Thursday, February 23, 2012

Day 3 - Nearly Half Way

So far, day 1 was the hardest of them all.  Breaking the habit of simply eating when I'm bored (it's a wonder I'm not overweight).  Sarah made the mistake of missing breakfast, no matter how small it would have been, making her day 100 times harder than mine.

Day 2 I had to work, which in some ways was a blessing and others a curse.  I work above a food court, so all day I could smell so many delicious things.  On the other hand, I was too busy to think about how hungry I was and that made it a bit easier.  Sarah has just finished day 2, no news from her so far.

And now, it's day 3.  And I am hungry.  Really hungry.  My body is shaking and I can barely concentrate.  I counted my intake over the past 48 hours and have only had 3000 kilojoules.  For the Americans out there, that's 716 calories.

Here are some examples of the sorts of things we've been eating.

Dinner 100g rice, 50g chicken 20g carrot

Lunch - 2 tablespoons of tinned fruit      

Breakfast - a piece of home-made damper and a cup of unsweetened black tea

I've found the trick is tiny portions over the day.  It almost tricks my stomach into thinking I'm not hungry.

So wish us luck, and I'll check in again soon.

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