Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The Time Approaches

It is the 2nd of February which means in just 20 days time we will begin our challenge.

So far the response from our family and friends has been phenomenal.

I'm writing this here today to say thank you to S4K for mentioning this on their community page and to let people know that if they want to donate to send the money direct to the paypal account under the email - when doing so please specify if you are sponsoring one or both of us and your name so that we know exactly what the money is for.

As I promised in the first post, we will be posting photos and entries during the week leading up to, and also the week of, the challenge including our daily food and drink for both weeks, and how we are holding up.

I encourage and implore everyone, if they have a little spare, please sponsor.  Every cent raised goes to Sanctuary for Kids.



  1. Best of Luck Emily & Sarah.. Sending funds.. I know how much encouragement helps when you are trying to meet what seams like a impossible goal in the beginning..(It how I made it though, losing the weight for S4K) YOU CAN MAKE IT THOUGH.. Good luck with the caffeine withdraws though :)

  2. Thank you so much. It starts tomorrow and I'm a bit scared. I just received your sponsorship, thank you again.

    Tehe, I've finished with the withdrawals now but I'll be the first to admit what a hard week that was (not as hard as what's coming up though).

    I intend to update again every day throughout the coming week.

    Thanks for your support. Xx

    Emily and Sarah