Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The Time Is Upon Us

The time has come for bravery, for comradeship, for... really empty stomachs.  Not even two hours into it and I am already struggling.  My breakfast was a thin slice of plain damper (made by yours truly - I'm a terrible cook so I'm really pleased it worked) and a cup of unsweetened black tea.  The damper slice would have been priced at around 10 cents (there are about 20 slices in a loaf of damper - the whole cost of making it was $1.50 and a very messy kitchen) and the tea bag was 8 cents.  So all in all, at least breakfast didn't throw me out too far for the day.

I'd just like to point out though, that it wasn't a lot of food.  A slice of damper is about 3cm (just over an inch) thick, and about the same high.  It's about 10cm's long.  The tea was the savour of the morning.  Damper is very plain, made with butter, water, and flour with a pinch of salt, traditionally cooked in a fire, however seeings as I'm fairly sure my landlord would not be okay with me lighting a camp fire in the house, I settled for an oven.

Now, Sarah lives in South Africa, and as I type this it's just hit midnight there.  I asked for her input.  She replied:

"It's bloody hard :( I can't eat my dark chocolate now, it's past 12."

So far, all preliminary indications point to a long and difficult week, all to raise money for Sanctuary for Kids.

To those who want to donate, please send funds direct to the paypal with the registered email manic.pixie1512@gmail.com with a little message.

Thanks to Tina who donated a couple days ago.  It means a lot.


Emily and Sarah

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  1. Hi guys! I love reading your posts :) And if it helps any, I'm hungry too. Be brave. Drink water. Don't forget to check your weight before and after O.o
    Thinking of you.